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Get a second opinion by one of Cleveland Clinic's 3,500 specialists

Your Pathway to Peace of Mind

Expert Virtual Second Opinions

From Cleveland Clinic

Virtual Medical Second Opinions Provide Peace of Mind to International Patients

If you’ve received a new diagnosis or aren’t seeing results from your current treatment plan, a virtual medical consultation can provide a second opinion. With The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic, international patients have direct access to Cleveland Clinic’s 3,500 specialists. With no travel needed and no red tape, it’s easy to get a second opinion, all from the comfort of your home.

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Why Us

Getting started is as simple as registering online to get connected with one of Cleveland Clinic’s 3,500 world-renowned specialists. Typically, patients can receive a written report within two weeks, with many patients receiving their second opinion in a matter of days.

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Why Choose Cleveland Clinic?

The Process

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with an illness or want to explore more treatment options, an online medical second opinion from Cleveland Clinic is a way to quickly and securely learn more and move forward with all of the information you need.

1. Online Registration

You’ll start the process by registering online and submitting details of your second opinion request.

2. Medical Records Review

We’ll carefully review your medical records after you upload them via our online platform.

3. Expert Matching and Review

Our care team will match you with one of Cleveland Clinic’s 3,500 expert doctors who is specialized in your specific condition to ensure that you will receive the highest-quality review of your diagnosis and/or treatment plan. The expert specialist will then review and prepare your second opinion report.

4. Delivery of Your Second Opinion

A written report of your second opinion will be delivered to you within two weeks after you start.

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When Should You Consider a Virtual Medical Second Opinion?

You may choose to consider a second opinion if you:

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How Much Do Medical
Second Opinions Cost?

Paying for virtual second opinions

For international patients, the all-inclusive cost for a virtual second opinion is $2,500 (USD).

Our virtual care solution ensures that you won’t have to incur travel costs like flights, hotels, or rental cars to talk to a specialist—you’ll talk to a specialist from the comfort of your home.

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Get Started

Getting started is as simple as registering online.