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Medical Second Opinions on Cancer

From Cleveland Clinic

Medical Second Opinions Provide Peace of Mind for Those Diagnosed with Cancer

If you’ve received a new cancer diagnosis or aren’t seeing results from your current treatment plan, an expert second opinion can help you move forward with confidence. With The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic, patients have access to Cleveland Clinic’s 3,500 specialists with extensive experience in pancreatic, prostate, lung, breast, and ovarian cancers. With no travel needed and no red tape, it’s easy to get a second opinion, all from the comfort of your home.

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Why Us

Getting started is as simple as registering online to get connected with one of Cleveland Clinic’s many world-renowned cancer specialists. We do all the work of gathering all medical records to take any hassle away from you. Typically, patients receive an online second opinion as well as a written report within two weeks.

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Why Choose Cleveland Clinic?

The Process

Whether you’ve recently received a new cancer diagnosis or want to explore more treatment options, an online second opinion from Cleveland Clinic is a way to quickly and securely learn more and move forward with all of the information you need.

1. Live Intake with Nurse Care Manager

First, your Nurse Care Manager will carefully document your second opinion request, including any specific questions that you would like addressed during the process.

2. Records Collection

With your consent, we do all the work of collecting records and thoughtfully preparing your medical information for review by the expert physician to best evaluate your diagnosis and/or treatment plan. 

3. Medical Records Review

When applicable, we’ll carefully review your medical information including any pathology or imaging that was provided per your request. 

4. Expert Matching

Your Nurse Care Manager works with our Chief Clinical Officer to identify the best expert specialist for you. Cleveland Clinic has over 3500 specialists in 550 subspecialties to ensure you receive the highest-quality review of your diagnosis and/or treatment plan. 

5. Expert Review

Our expedited process makes direct access to Cleveland Clinic specialists possible weeks sooner that it might be via personal outreach. 

6. Opinion Delivered by Expert Physician

You’ll talk with your cancer specialist on a live video call (where applicable), during which you’ll interact directly with your Cleveland Clinic physician and can ask questions about their recommendations.

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When Should You Consider an Expert Second Opinion on Cancer?

You may choose to consider a second opinion if you:

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How Much Do Cancer
Second Opinions Cost?

Paying for virtual second opinions

For patients in the U.S., the all-inclusive cost for a virtual second opinion is $1,850. For patients outside the U.S., the all-inclusive cost is $2,500 (USD).

If your employer offers this service as part of your benefits package, the service will likely be of no cost to you. You can confirm with your employer or call us for assistance with navigating your benefits.

Our virtual care solution ensures that you won’t have to incur travel costs like flights, hotels, or rental cars to talk to a specialist, and you won’t have to gather all your medical records from multiple locations. We’ll do all the work and you’ll talk to a specialist from the comfort of your home.

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Register Now for a Medical Second Opinion

Getting started is as simple as registering online. You can schedule your intake visit right away, and we’ll get started with gathering the information we need.

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