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A Virtual Second Opinion by Cleveland Clinic can give you confidence in your treatment plan and peace of mind. But don’t just listen to us—hear directly from patients who received second opinions from Cleveland Clinic specialists.

New Testimonial Highlight: Michelle's Story

A Lifeline to Cardiac Expertise

Alan Coleman

When Alan C. struggled to determine his options for care after being diagnosed with a heart valve defect, he sought a Virtual Second Opinion by Cleveland Clinic. 

A Virtual Connection to Neurological Help

Vlado Kanazirev

When Vlado K. faced the possibility of a complicated surgery for a serious neck condition in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, he reached out to Cleveland Clinic for a Virtual Second Opinion. 

Virtual Second Opinion Helps Save Georgia Man’s Life

Dan Walden

A 60-year-old patient named Dan began experiencing shortness of breath as well as a heart arrhythmia. His doctor originally suspected heart disease, but tests came up inconclusive. The patient then turned to The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic for a virtual second opinion. 

Peace of Mind for Complex Conditions

Kenneth and Linda

When Kenneth was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form
of bile duct cancer, his wife, Linda, set up a virtual second opinion with The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic to reassure the couple that they were on the right path for care.

A Virtual Second Opinion by Cleveland Clinic can give you confidence in your treatment plan and peace of mind.

Patient Cases

Facing a new diagnosis or a treatment plan that isn’t working can be stressful. Receiving a second opinion shouldn’t have to be. Through The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic, connecting with an expertly-matched world-class specialist to review your diagnosis and treatment plan is simple, straightforward, and the clearest path to peace of mind. Here’s how our patients’ lives have been impacted by receiving recommendations from Cleveland Clinic specialists. 

Patient Case | Pediatric Seizures

A young girl experienced several seizures in a year. She was diagnosed with multiple brain cavernomas and prescribed medication for her treatment. Still, the seizures continued as she struggled to live a normal life. Her family decided to seek a second opinion.

The Clinic matched the family with a world-renowned Cleveland Clinic pediatric neurologist. The doctor confirmed the original diagnosis and recommended surgery, which would reduce the risk of additional brain injury from seizures and a lifetime medicine burden.

Though the family started their care journey uncertain about addressing their daughter’s condition through surgery, their second opinion clarified the benefits and risks of each course of care and presented a path forward for a healthier, more normal life for the young girl.

VSO IMPACT |  Recommended Diagnosis Change: No | Recommended Treatment Plan Modification: Yes

Patient Case | Breast Cancer

A woman was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her diagnosis was confirmed by a pathologist at a major academic center in Boston. Her local care team was proceeding with radiation treatment when she decided she wanted a second opinion on the approach to her treatment.

The Clinic collected her medical records and matched her with an expert Cleveland Clinic radiation oncologist. Her specialist and four additional pathologists concluded that an invasive component had been missed, resulting in recommended change in diagnosis and revision to her treatment plan.

The local treatment strategy would have undertreated her true condition and put her at risk of cancer spread. Through her second opinion, she received clarity on her diagnosis and the correct treatment path, greatly improving her ability to fight the cancer. 

VSO IMPACT |  Recommended Diagnosis Change: Yes | Recommended Treatment Plan Modification: Yes

Patient Case | Musculoskeletal

A patient was diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear by a local physician. Their local care team recommended a treatment plan that included surgery, and the patient decided to seek a second opinion before going through with the procedure.
The Clinic collected the patient’s medical records and matched them with a Cleveland Clinic orthopedic shoulder surgeon. Their specialist reinterpreted their records and imaging and found partial arthritic changes and a partial thickness cuff tear, but no tear of the superior labrum, resulting in a recommended diagnostic change as well as a change to the treatment plan.
The specialist recommended a home-based exercise program with no surgery. This second opinion clarified the patient’s diagnosis and led to a less-invasive treatment plan to ultimately improve the patient’s quality of life.
VSO IMPACT |  Recommended Diagnosis Change: Yes | Recommended Treatment Plan Modification: Yes

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