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We’re excited to provide you with Virtual Second Opinions by Cleveland Clinic, brought to you by Nimble Health, at no cost to you.

Direct access to a Cleveland Clinic expert physician for peace of mind

Your benefits package includes an innovative new telehealth service that lets you have your diagnosis and/or treatment plan reviewed by an expert physician from the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, at no cost to you, from the comfort of your home.

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Become More Informed About Your Case and More Certain About Your Care!

It’s easy, secure and convenient. All you need is a mobile device, laptop or desktop system. We’ll conduct a thorough intake, match you to the right expert physician, collect your medical records, and deliver an in-depth opinion in approximately two weeks. All at no cost to you.

“My assigned orthopaedic surgeon was clearly an expert in his field and gave me peace of mind that I was taking the right approach with my hip. Getting a second opinion virtually was also more convenient and faster than going to another surgeon locally. And the nursing team was super kind and responsive throughout!

– MSK patient


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Of cases result in a potential diagnosis change or recommended treatment plan modification. 

Talk Live with a Leading Medical Expert in Your Specific Condition

After reviewing your case – including lab samples, scans and more – your Cleveland Clinic specialist will provide a detailed report and speak with you personally to review recommendations, answer questions and address concerns. So you can make informed decisions about your care and move with peace of mind toward better outcomes.

Don’t Think Twice about Getting a No-Cost Virtual Second Opinion from Cleveland Clinic if You are:

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The Process

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with an illness or want to explore more treatment options, a medical second opinion from Cleveland Clinic is a way to quickly and securely learn more and move forward with all of the information you need. 

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1. Live Intake with Nurse Care Manager

Your Nurse Care Manager will carefully document your second opinion request. This call can happen right away when you register or you can schedule it for a later time.

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2. Records Collection

With your consent, we do all the work of collecting records and thoughtfully preparing your medical information for review by the expert physician to best evaluate your diagnosis and/or treatment plan.

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3. Records and Tests Review

When applicable, we’ll carefully review your medical information including any pathology or imaging that was provided per your request. 

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4. Expert Physician Matching

Your Nurse Care Manager works with our Chief Clinical Officer to identify the best expert specialist for you. Cleveland Clinic has over 3,500 specialists in 550 subspecialties to ensure you receive the highest-quality review of your diagnosis and/or treatment plan.

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5. Expert Physician Review

Our expedited process makes direct access to Cleveland Clinic specialists possible weeks sooner that it might be via personal outreach. After we receive your records, a second opinion can be delivered within 4 days.

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6. Opinion Delivered by Expert Physician

You’ll talk with your expert specialist on a live video call (where applicable), during which you’ll interact directly with your Cleveland Clinic physician and can ask questions about their recommendations.

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If you’re on mobile, you will be directed to download an app to register and schedule your intake visit.