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Your Pathway to Peace of Mind

Second opinions from Cleveland Clinic’s world-class expert physicians

Why Us

Expert Information. Confidence. Peace of Mind.

With The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic, patients have access to Cleveland Clinic’s 3,500 specialists. And with no travel needed and no red tape, it’s easy to get a second opinion all from the comfort of your home. You’ll become more informed about your health and more confident in your care, allowing you to move toward better outcomes with greater peace of mind.

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Of cases result in a potential diagnosis change or recommended treatment plan modification.

The Process

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with an illness or want to explore more treatment options, a medical second opinion from Cleveland Clinic is a way to quickly and securely learn more and move forward with all of the information you need.

1. Live Intake with Nurse Care Manager

Your Nurse Care Manager will carefully document your second opinion request. This call can happen right away when you register or you can schedule it for a later time.

2. Records Collection

With your consent, we do all the work of collecting records and thoughtfully preparing your medical information for review by the expert physician to best evaluate your diagnosis and/or treatment plan.

3. Records and Tests Review

We’ll carefully review your medical information (including any pathology or imaging that was provided, if applicable) per your request. 

4. Expert Physician Matching

Your Nurse Care Manager works with our Chief Clinical Officer to identify the best expert specialist for you. Cleveland Clinic has over 3,500 specialists in 550 subspecialties to ensure you receive the highest-quality review of your diagnosis and/or treatment plan. 

5. Expert Physician Review

Our expedited process makes direct access to Cleveland Clinic specialists possible weeks sooner that it might be via personal outreach. After we receive your records, a second opinion can be delivered within 4 days.

6. Opinion Delivered by Expert Physician

You’ll talk with your expert specialist on a live video call (where applicable), during which you’ll interact directly with your Cleveland Clinic physician and can ask questions about their recommendations.

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How It Works

Easy. Fast. At Your Fingertips.

For patients, getting started is as simple as registering online to get connected with one of Cleveland Clinic’s 3,500 world-renowned specialists. We do all the work – gathering records, lab results, reports and more – to take any hassle away from our patients. Once records are in hand, an online second opinion will be delivered within one to four days.

In-Depth Expert Reviews of Diagnoses and Treatment Plans from the Comfort of Home

Virtual care solutions provide peace of mind for patients without any need to travel or spend valuable time collecting information. Whether you’re our partner or a patient, we’re with you every step of the way.

For Individuals

If you’ve received a diagnosis of a complex medical condition, the next steps can be uncertain. A second opinion can help you be more informed about your situation and confident in your care as you explore new treatment options through a secure, private online consultation.

For Health Plans​

Provide members with the security they need with The Clinic. Our offerings easily integrate into existing plan infrastructures, and members benefit from the expertise of thousands of Cleveland Clinic specialists.

For Employers

Help employees manage their care with direct access to Cleveland Clinic’s 3500 specialists. If they’re unsure about a diagnosis, we can help turn anxiety and questions into a clear path forward.

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