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Get a second opinion by one of Cleveland Clinic's 3,500 specialists

In-Depth Case Reviews from World-Renowned Cleveland Clinic Specialists

With The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic, you have direct access to medical experts from Cleveland Clinic’s 3,500 specialists in 550+ subspecialties.

Our hassle-free experience includes the work of collecting records, reports, and lab results by our team so you can focus on your care and move forward with treatment. No travel costs, no red tape.

Become more informed about your health and more confident in the path forward for your care.

Get a second opinion by Cleveland Clinic today.

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Global Access to Unrivaled Cleveland Clinic Expertise

You’ll have convenient, virtual access to Cleveland Clinic expertise with just a phone or computer. Your case is reviewed by one of 3500 expert specialists who see cases like yours daily, so you can take the next step with less doubt and greater peace of mind.

Expert Recommendations, Quickly and Efficiently

  • You are personally matched to the Cleveland Clinic expert best suited to review your particular case.
  • Our team does the behind-the-scenes work, collecting medical records, lab results, imaging and more.
  • The Cleveland Clinic expert specialist conducts a thorough review of your diagnosis and/or treatment plan.
  • Virtual meetings with a specialist erase the need for travel and travel-related costs to see a specialist.
  • You’ll receive a detailed report and speak to your Cleveland Clinic expert in just one to four days after records are collected, and in two weeks or less overall—the industry’s leading end-to-end turnaround!

It’s fast, convenient and secure.

“My local doctor is great, but having access to a Cleveland Clinic expert to talk through my condition gave me much greater peace of mind. ”

– Breast cancer patient

A Live One-on-One Session with an Expert Specialist

A Cleveland Clinic specialist will thoroughly review all aspects of your case and provide a comprehensive Virtual Second Opinion report. In addition, you can speak directly with the expert to review recommendations, ask questions, and address any concerns.

“Thank you for getting all the records and connecting me with a Cleveland Clinic expert. I truly appreciate all your efforts on my behalf. ”

– Orthopedic patient

When Should You Consider a Virtual Second Opinion from The Clinic?

Our solutions are for those who are:

  • Diagnosed with a serious condition, such as cancer
  • About to make a major decision about a medical next step, such as surgery
  • Considering a treatment that involves risk or has significant consequences
  • Dealing with a condition or chronic illness that isn’t improving or is getting worse
  • Confused about or struggling with a medical challenge

How Our Virtual Expert Second Opinions Work

1. Live Intake with Nurse Care Manager


Your Nurse Care Manager will carefully document your second opinion request. This call can happen right away when you register, or you can schedule it for a later time.

2. Records Collection

With your consent, we do all the work of collecting records and thoughtfully preparing your medical information for review by the expert physician to best evaluate your diagnosis and/or treatment plan.

3. Medical Records

When applicable, we’ll carefully review your medical information including any pathology or imaging that was provided per your request.

4. Expert Matching

Your Nurse Care Manager works with our Chief Clinical Officer to identify the best expert specialist for you. Cleveland Clinic has over 3500 specialists in 550 subspecialties to ensure you receive the highest-quality review of your diagnosis and/or treatment plan.

5. Expert Review

Our expedited process makes direct access to Cleveland Clinic specialists possible weeks sooner than it might be via personal outreach. Second opinions are provided in just one to four days after the records collection is complete.

6. Opinion Delivered by Expert Physician


You’ll talk with your expert specialist on a live video call (where applicable), during which you’ll interact directly with your Cleveland Clinic physician and can ask questions about their recommendations.

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