How Good Virtual Care Can Improve Employee Retention

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Employees are the heartbeat of any company. Attracting and retaining top talent is essential to the success of a business, but it’s not always easy. In today’s market, employees have more choices than ever before, and they’re not afraid to switch companies if they’re not happy.

One way to support your employees and your retention efforts is by providing quality health benefits that they can access virtually. The convenience and flexibility of virtual offerings can make a big difference for employees, especially if they have busy schedules or family commitments.

As recent research from Mercer demonstrates, more employers are “looking to virtual health care as a way to improve access without adding costs.” So it’s important to make sure that your virtual health offerings are meeting the needs of your employees and your organization. By providing high-quality benefits, you can help improve employee retention and make your company a more attractive place to work.

What Is Virtual Health?

Virtual health benefits can involve anything from online doctor visits to phone or video consultations with a therapist. It’s a convenient way for employees to get the support they need without having to take time off from work or miss important family obligations.

With just a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, employees can access virtual health benefits anytime, anywhere. That means they can get access to the medical expertise they need on their own schedule without having to work around a busy doctor’s office.

There are a variety of virtual health options available, and adoption is on the rise—84% of employers reported expanding access to virtual health offerings in 2021. Adding virtual options to your health benefits package can make a big difference for your employees and help you attract and retain top talent.

How Virtual Second Opinions Can Support Employee Retention

Employee retention is a complex issue. It involves:

  • Compensation and benefits
  • Company culture
  • Work/life balance
  • Job satisfaction

When one of these factors is out of balance, it can lead to employees leaving for another company. Helping your employees stay healthy isn’t just good for business; it’s the right thing to do. When your employees are facing a new diagnosis or treatment plan, virtual second opinions can give them the peace of mind they need.

Expert Second Opinions from The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic can help employers in their efforts to support healthy, engaged, and present workforces with virtual health benefits. A path towards improved health outcomes with less stress and anxiety—and the potential to reduce healthcare costs—are just a few of the benefits of a virtual second opinions program.

What to Expect from Virtual Second Opinions

One in 10 people diagnosed with cancer, an infection, or a major vascular event such as a heart attack or stroke, are misdiagnosed. These misdiagnoses can lead to ineffective treatment plans and higher healthcare costs for both you and your employee.

Virtual second opinions provide your employees with access to world-renowned experts regardless of their location. With virtual access to expert physicians, your employees can:

  • Get a second opinion without having to take time off from work
  • Speak with a specialist who is deeply familiar with his or her condition
  • Avoid the stress, anxiety, and costs of traveling for a second opinion
  • Receive a comprehensive review of their diagnosis and treatment options

Virtual second opinions are a convenient way for your employees to get the expert guidance they need without having to leave their job or miss important family obligations.

Get Started with The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic

The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic offers virtual second opinions for a variety of conditions, including cancer, heart disease, and stroke. If improving employee retention through virtual health solutions is something you’re interested in, we can help.

To learn more about virtual second opinions or to get started with The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic, contact us today. We’re here to help you build a healthier, happier workforce.